Alternative School


Barbara Wilburn-CovingtonĀ  – Alternative School Director




Marked Tree Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

Alternative Learning Center (ALC) is a safe orderly caring and inviting learning environment that assist students with overcoming challenges that may place them “at risk” of academic failure and disruptive behavior so that they can learn, graduate and become productive community contributors. The goal of ALC is to promote quality academics through the development of individual strengths, talents and interests.




Our numbers are low to insure a greater learning environment.

Every student has a personal laptop as part of our New Tech School.

Our students have the same privileges as our non-ALC students; they attend assemblies and activities etc.

ALC students are allowed to participate in any activity they desire.

Motivational quotes scroll on our laptop monitors, and quotes are on the walls to constantly inspire our students.

We have soft white walls that foster a positive welcoming environment.

Tables are used instead of desks to provide a broader support mechanism for the project based learning.