Faculty and Staff

2018-2019 Elementary School Faculty & Staff

Lisa Gray РPrincipal

Tina Hotchkiss – Assistant Principal

Michael Wages – Dean of Students

Bennie Whitfield – Social Worker

Kia Fulkerson – Guidance Counselor

ABC Pre-K:  Carla Jennings

K: Brittany Renfro

K: Mykyla Crossno

1st: Leanda Key

1st: Caitlin Reynolds

2nd: Rachel Routon

2nd: Danielle Carter

3rd: Kelli Pierce

3rd: Haven Wise

4th: Rebekah Routon

4th: Sarah Armstrong

5th: Leslie Jackson

5th: Tiffany Thrash

6th: Minnie Davis

6th: Tanecia Gray

Sherry McCrary-Sp. Ed.

Jennifer Martin-Sp. Ed.

Dayanne Utley-Speech

Kristy Hister-Librarian

Robert Byler-Music

Teresa Rogers-Gifted/Talented

Toya Gillis-Art

Brandi Manuel-Food Service

Randi Criswell-Computer Lab

Lee Ella Jones – Administrative Assistant

Terry Carter-Tutor